Innviertel-Hausruckwald Region
Endless Expanses, Historic Sights and Traditional Music
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Innviertel-Hausruckwald Region

Endless Expanses, Historic Sights and Traditional Music

The Innviertel-Hausruckwald region is known for its beautiful nature, rich culture and havens of relaxation. Explore fascinating moorlands, small historic towns and culinary delights. Relax in the spas, explore the countryside on nature trails and listen to great traditional music. This is the ideal holiday destination for families, culture enthusiasts and food lovers!

Wälder, Flüsse und Thermalquellen: Genau das richtige Programm zum Energie tanken!

Ingrid & Markus Schneiderbauer
Urlaub am Bauernhof-Vermieter aus Gurten

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Regions in Upper Austria


  • Innviertel-Hausruckwald Region

    Relax & Unwind. Undulating hills, spas and havens of rest and relaxation. Indulge in culinary delights and explore the region by bicycle or on horseback.

    Highlights: historic sights near the river Inn and craft breweries!

  • Salzkammergut Region

    Mountains & Lakes. A unique landscape with crystal-clear lakes, a breathtaking mountain scenery and vibrant traditions & customs.

    Highlights: a boat tour on Lake Traunsee and water sports!

  • Kalkalpen National Park Region

    Natural & Authentic. Pristine nature, majestic mountains and plenty of outdoor activities in summer and winter alike.

    Highlights: sweet strudels in a mountain cabin and wilderness tours in the Kalkalpen National Park!

  • Mühlviertel Region

    Energising & Down-to-Earth. An unspoilt countryside dotted with enchanted forests, untamed rivers and medieval castles. Escape to a holiday far away from the crowds.

    Highlights: glacial erratics (large granite boulders), rocking stones and demanding cycling tours!

  • Zentralraum Region

    Culture & Sightseeing. Great cultural events and amenities, sightseeing and activities for families. Combine a city trip to Linz with a holiday in the countryside.

    Highlights: stay in a typical four-sided farmyard ("Vierkanthof") and the realm of fairy tales in the “Grottenbahn”.


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