All-Natural, Colourful Delights: 100% Organic Breakfast

Sustainability, 02.02.2022, Farm Holidays in Upper Austria

What would a holiday look like without some large, delicious breakfast? A great diversity of culinary delights is waiting for you on our certified organic farms in Upper Austria! They serve tasty food, either home-made from their own farm or from producers in their region. From cereals to scrambled eggs. Yes, breakfast tastes even better with that in mind!

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Frühstück mit Produkten vom Bauernhof | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Oberösterreich / Viktoria Urbanek

Organic Breakfast - Locally Grown & Sustainable Delights

In Upper Austria, around 20 farms serve an entirely organic breakfast. They are officially certified organic farms. Breakfast here is a colourful arrangement of locally grown and home-made food from the farm - 100% organic. Mmmhh, tasty! Products that can’t be cultivated in Austria (e.g. coffee or cocoa) must be certified organic goods. Have a look at the breakfast table and marvel at the variety of food products that grows on our soils. You’ll be amazed!

By the way, some products may also be produced on conventional farms in the region (e.g. bread, rolls, meat, fruit and vegetables). But max. half of the food and drinks served. Our association and our partners, the organic farming association “BIO Austria”, make regular quality checks to guarantee that every member meets these criteria.

Quality, Innovation and Extraordinary Diversity

A prime quality and an extraordinary diversity is characteristic for the organic farms in Upper Austria. We are proud of countless innovative minds. Organic farmers who produce high-quality food with great dedication and love. Year after year, they realise a bunch of new, creative ideas. Every 5th farm in Upper Austria is a certified organic farm. The number has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Did you know that the Mühlviertel region is at the forefront? 50% of the farms here meet organic farming standards.

Sourdough bread, cheese, salami, yoghurt, butter, fresh juices and vegetables from the garden - these are the must-haves on the organic breakfast table! Innovative farmers also produce very special delicacies: flax seed oil and fresh berries, hazelnuts and honey, mountain herbs and rolled oats, vegan spreads and tofu. Uncover the culinary diversity in our land of plenty!

All-Natural Food and a Healthy Environment

On the certified organic farms in Upper Austria, you can get to know and understand how nature works. The farmers, your hosts, are more than happy to show you what organic farming means to them. Here, you can be part of the life and work on an organic farm! Organic farmers don’t use chemicals such as synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. They also keep their food products all natural - they do not contain any artificial additives. All their products are GM-free. Guaranteed.

Healthy soils, natural plants and animal welfare are the foundations of sustainable agriculture and the production of high-quality food. In addition, organic farming saves workplaces in rural areas and protects the environment. Well ... and the outcomes are simply delicious. See for yourself and enjoy a delightful organic breakfast!

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