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Farm holidays in Austria - tradition meets well-being

It’s been a while since your last holidays? When you close your eyes, you imagine yourself lounging in the deck chair ... but you’re still breathing the air of everyday life, the air of the city? Are you exhausted after weeks of constraints and confinement? How about a holiday for food lovers on a rustic farm surrounded by nature? Look forward to plenty of space that allows you and your loved ones to move freely. Stay in an inherently secure setting.

The air is fragrant with the smell of grass, crickets are chirping, trees that are laden with fruit spend shade and a hearty snack is laid out on the wooden table. Can it get any better than this? Streaky bacon, home-made golden butter, strong cheese and crisp radishes from the farmer’s garden ... Delight your taste buds during your holiday for food lovers on a farm in Austria! 

Pamper yourself and your palate, take leisurely strolls or cycle in the heart of Austria: discover the culinary delights from the region, excellent products from the fields and the barn, and let your hosts on the family farms give you a treat! Everything that grows in the organic farmers’ gardens is organic. The traditional production cycle guarantees that the food does not contain any artificial additives. Here, you only get the very best, all being locally grown.

Brettljause im Freien © Ralph Fischbacher
frisches Brot im Köberl © Ralph Fischbacher

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Good reasons for a holiday for food lovers on a farm

Like back then - indulgence on the farm is based on traditions and true values:

Sustainable, fair and organic: three terms that stand for a traditional and real farm holiday in Austria. Get to know an authentic lifestyle during your holiday. As intensively as nowhere else, on our family farms in Austria. The farmers give you an insight into their daily lives. If you like, you can lend them a hand and pitch right in. This way, you can be sure that you know where it comes from, the carrot that is served with some yoghurt sauce. Or which herbs make the tea in your mug have such a tangy smell. And you can be sure that the eggs used for the yellow sponge cake come from happy hens.

Frühstückstisch am Bauernhof © Bernd Suppan

Freedom and a sustainable lifestyle during your holiday for food lovers on the farm:

Get out of your four walls and hit the countryside! Your farm holiday in Austria is awaiting you. Awe-inspiring mountain ranges, endless expanses and spectacular forests surround the spacious farms. Feel free as a bird! Confinement is yesterday’s story. A holiday for food lovers offers plenty of space and tempting culinary delights. 

2 Weinglaeser am Steg © Bernd Suppan

A holiday for food lovers on a farm in Austria is also easy on the wallet:

You don’t have to go to great expense if you’re seeking indulgence and relaxation. Holidays for food lovers on Austrian farms offer not only plenty of options for leisure activities and relaxation. This year’s summer holidays will be all about freedom and pure joy ... at a reasonable price. Support traditional Austrian family farms and their kind and warm-hearted hosts!

Brotkorb am Frühstückstisch © Bernd Suppan
„ Home-made bread, cured ham and cheese are always a highlight of mealtimes at the farm. Nowhere else will you encounter this variety of flavours. “
Markus Lackinger
Markus Lackinger

A peek into the farmer’s kitchen

Watch the beanstalks and sunflowers grow, they seem to compete with each other. Bright orange pumpkins are dotting the fields. You have arrived on the farm, on your well-deserved holiday for food lovers. Lean back and relax. Watch the colourful butterflies land on the sweet-smelling flowers of lilac while you listen to the meditative sound of busy bees humming in the garden. Meanwhile, the friendly cow Lisa grazes nearby, keeping you company. Revel in the variety of options! A holiday for food lovers on a farm in Austria will be the highlight of your summer holidays.

If you feel like it, you can spend your morning in the fields or the vegetable and herb garden. Return to the farmer’s kitchen with a well-stocked basket. Be all ears when your host, the farmer, gives away her secret recipes! You will learn everything about the perfect ratio for baking bread. What it’s all about when they talk about crust and crumb. Or which herbs can be used for which purposes and in which combinations. And let’s be honest: it’s extremely meditative to clean the freshly picked organic vegetables in the kitchen sink while you let your eyes wander, gazing out of the window at the open fields.

Frischer Fisch wird in der Pfanne gebraten © Daniel Gollner

Energise on the vineyard

Grapes find their way into the glass - and you find your way to a vineyard in Austria. The plains of Austria’s easternmost province Burgenland, the rocky terraces of the Wachau region in Lower Austria or the steep hills in Styria: they are all home to delightful vineyards. Take a look behind the scenes and let the winegrowers show you how wine is produced. No matter if you just peek over the winegrower’s shoulder or if you help harvesting the grapes followed by the process of turning them into a fine wine: at the end of an exciting day, it’s time for a good glass of wine and a substantial snack with cold cuts, cheeses and spreads served with home-made bread with a crispy crust. That’s all part of your well-deserved holiday! 

Seize the opportunity to recharge your batteries: go on a holiday for food lovers on a farm in Austria! 

Hahn und Henne vor steierischem Weinberg © Markus Lackinger
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