A Picturesque Vineyard Stay

Stories from the Farm, 13.11.2017

Do you know what a "Kellerstöckl" is? In Southern Burgenland in Austria, that's what you call a private wine cellar. In the past, these buildings were placed directly in the vineyard. They served as a place to press and store the wine. A lot of these once abandoned "Kellerstöckl" have been carefully transformed. Today, they are beautiful, tailor-made holiday homes with enough space to accommodate a whole family. Enjoy a delightful holiday surrounded by vineyards, with a fantastic panoramic view.

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Holidays in a Traditional "Kellerstöckl" in Southern Burgenland

Whether you're on a country walk or a cycle tour, you'll often meet friendly locals who invite you to sit down for a while. Drink a glass of wine (we recommend the typical "Uhudler"), natter about the meaning of life, and then go your separate ways. It simply is picturesque. A holiday in a Kellerstöckl in Southern Burgenland.

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