#OurLife: Galloping Joy

Stories from the Farm, 10.09.2020, Marlies Glatz

This farm lives up to its name: On the horse farm “Pferdehof Alpenrose”, it’s all about horses - obviously. Not only horse lovers will find everything their hearts could possibly desire. The farm is set in the arguably most beautiful valley head of the Alps. Here, guests can pitch in and help with the farming activities, cuddle with the animals or simply enjoy their holiday. Are you seeking relaxation? Set on an altitude of 1,000m in the Brandnertal valley in Vorarlberg, this is a place to unwind. There’s enough time and space for you to take some deep breaths and recharge your batteries.

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2 Reiterinnen bei Ausritt | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Vorarlberg / Daniel Gollner

When Barbara is talking about ponies, her eyes are sparkling with joy, reminding us of the shimmering turquoise waters of nearby Lake Lünersee reflecting the sunlight. Horses react to our emotions, they are sensitive and each one has an individual character. There’s nothing more fascinating for her. Barbara was born with a love and passion for these interesting animals. At the beginning of the 1990s, Andreas, her dad, discovered his passion for horses. He began breeding the German Riding Pony. “The first photo of me was taken on horseback. My sister, she’s three years older, was sitting on the horse holding me in her arms.” A dream start for a girl who’s soon to become a passionate horse-rider.

Every child his favorite horse

Today, the 27-year-old is a certified riding instructor and trail ride guide. She particularly likes taking care of the youngest guests. At the tender age of three, the kids can get in touch with the animals. In small groups of max. three or four children, they are sitting on a pony for ten minutes each. This way, they are learning through play. Without a saddle, by the way. “This is an amazing experience for toddlers and children.” The German Riding Pony is very affectionate, that’s one of its characteristic traits. This is why it can be handled by children of all ages. “Children instantly find a pony that suits them. It’s great to watch them being in tune with each other.” The horses also seem to like it. “At times they even re-discover their ‘inner child’, feeling more relaxed, the more playful the kids are”, Barbara says. Also advanced riders will find what they’re looking for on the horse farm “Pferdehof Alpenrose”. There’s no better way to explore the Brandnertal valley than the weekly rides where the horses can use their various gaits.

On the day of arrival the cell phone signal is checked

Perhaps not that exciting but every bit as spectacular: gazing at the stunning mountain scenery from the deck chair. A popular photo for Instagram and other social media channels. “A lot of guests come here to simply enjoy and relax. It’s nice to see the guests caring less and less about their mobile phones in the course of the week. They see their stress levels being reduced which allows them to focus on tranquility and relaxation instead.” The brand-new beds made of Austrian stone pine add to the relaxation. Andreas has made them himself, for each of the five holiday apartments. Bread and rolls for breakfast can be ordered to the apartment. A farm in the neighbourhood delivers eggs and milk. The cheese is produced in a local mountain cabin. It’s delicious! Most of the guests stay at least for a week. Some even spend two weeks here.

Many people no longer even know what a rabbit eats

Cuddling with the animals (apart from ponies, there’s bunnies, ducks, chicken, cats and a dog called Rusty), feeding them, taking care of them or simply watching them - the young host, mother of two children, wants to give kids the chance to get in touch with animals. She also wishes to present adults the opportunity to reconnect to animals in a gentle way. “A lot of people don’t know what a rabbit feeds on. So much knowledge has disappeared.” And that’s exactly the kind of knowledge that she’d like to pass on to her guests, young or old.

Happiness of this earth...

Some phrases might sound cliched but you can simply feel it. You can feel that, for Barbara, the greatest happiness is being on horseback. There’s nothing quite like a long gallop on the beach. She made her dream come true at the coast of the Baltic Sea in Germany. Riding through the woods of the Brandnertal valley, that’s her personal way of taking a break and energising. And after recharging her batteries, she can be there for her family and her guests. And she can realise her visions for the horse farm “Pferdehof Alpenrose”.



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