Mountain holidays – walking at the frontline of nature

Blog articles // 28. Nov 2017
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Hiking is meditation while walking.

Step for step, you don’t just get closer to the peak, you also find your own personal speed. Life slows down, your head becomes free, you live in the moment and savour it. And that’s exactly how a holiday should feel! Chalets for mountain individualists Many of the holiday farms in Carinthia have “branches” high up in the wonderful, walkable Alps, which are perfect places for guests who are looking for some peace and quiet. Depending on your preferences, the chalets offer electricity, running water and mod cons – or water troughs and wood stoves that offer the perfect refuge for Alpine purists. The hiking trails usually start right from the front door.

What will it be?

For your holiday in the Austrian Alps, you can choose accommodation that exactly suits your tastes. Do you want to snuggle up in a hay sack in a rustic, old, candle-lit Alpine hut and freshen up in the morning with some ice-cold spring water? Or would you like to ring in the new year in a chalet among friends? Snow shovels included. Are you after a spacious hunting lodge at the heart of the rustling woods rather than a mountainside farm, where time seems to stand still? Or do you want to enjoy luxury at great heights? A chalet holiday can give you all of this: satellite TV, sauna, feather beds and a ski lift at your front door. The Alpine air mixed with the scent of luxury. What a delicious cocktail.