Indulgence Factory

Blog articles // 30. Nov 2017
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The Lingenhel family: The Indulgence Factory

If you wish to buy some farm-produced delicacies, you will surely be in the right place at the Lingenhel family’s farm shop in Doren, Bregenz Forest. For almost 20 years now, the family has been running their business according to organic principles, but still in a traditional and innovative way. With the help of their four children, Karl and Agathe Lingenhel process the fruit grown on their farm into jams, chutneys, fine spirits and liqueurs.
The milk from their 25 cows, all genuine Vorarlberger Braunvieh, is refined into yoghurt and cream cheese. They obtain honey from 30 colonies of bees. Furthermore, the Lingenhels also offer cooking and baking courses, tours of the farm estate, and give schoolchildren an insight into life on their farm.
The current Lingenhels are the fifth generation running the family-owned farm, and they have modernised the establishment little by little. The cows are given lots of light and space in their stalls, and they spend their summers out in the meadows. A large proportion of the electricity is generated by photovoltaic and solar systems, which also provide hot water.
The Lingenhels have received many accolades for their commitment and ingenuity.