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Stories from the Alps, 19.09.2022

A holiday in the mountains is great for families with kids, groups of friends or couples who seek a relaxing break surrounded by nature.

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Mädchen lacht auf der Alm in Salzburg | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Salzburg / Daniel Gollner

Family Holidays in the Mountains

Holidays without video games and Netflix - in some families, it might take a bit of effort to convince the children of a holiday in the mountains. But once they’re there, they’ll soon become aware that a big adventure is just about to begin. In real life! In the warm season, they are out and about discovering wildlife, birds and unknown plants. In the evening, mum is telling exciting tales while the kids are roasting sausages on a stick around the campfire. In winter, it’s time to explore the area in snowshoes or in a horse-drawn sleigh. A cup of hot chocolate is a heartwarming delight afterwards. Not even the coolest video game can compete with the adventures in the mountains! Provided that you’ve found the right mountain cabin or chalet to stay in.

There’s No Sin in the Mountains...

A lot of couples feel that there’s too little time for romance in their hectic and busy daily lives. On weekdays, one appointment follows the other. On weekends, you need to take care of friends and family. Quality time for two is a luxury. In a secluded cabin or chalet in the mountains, you can leave your daily worries far behind. Focus on the person next to you. Explore nature with all your senses on long country walks and hikes. Get to know new facets of your partner. Here, you’ve got all the time in the world. Sit next to the cabin with a glass of wine, gaze at the starry sky and listen to the sounds of nature. Can you think of a more relaxing quality time for two?

#friendshipgoals - Holidays with Friends

It can be quite a challenge to find the ideal destination for a holiday with friends. After all, it’s got to be an accommodation with enough room for everyone but also enough privacy, so that you can discuss the most intimate secrets. And you shouldn’t get bored there. We’ve got what you’re looking for! Round up your best friends and go to a mountain cabin together. You’ll find all the peace and quiet you need for some quality time together, far from other people.


Guests of the romantic mountain cabin “Moarhofer Romantikhütte” in Carinthia will not only find peaceful seclusion, nature and a comfortable accommodation but also some luxuries. The panoramic view of Carinthia’s mountains is to enjoy not only outdoors but also from the jacuzzi in the glass-enclosed porch. A sauna and an Infrared sauna add to the feeling of relaxation that you’ll seek after having spent the day exploring nature. As you sip a glass of fine wine next to the chimney, you feel all the stresses and strains vanish.

The Münzer family from St. Leonhard in the Lavanttal valley, Carinthia, offers several mountain cabins. The “Bischofhütte” is the most rustic and traditional one. It’s a place with stunning views, a barbecue area and great opportunities for outdoor activities. There’s even a sauna! The other mountain cabins are called “Schwammerlhütte” (completely renovated), “Panoramahütte” (set on a sunny hillside) and “Milleniumshütte”. The cabins are not far away from each other. The nearby popular hiking area Klippitztörl boasts a variety of summer activities for tourists. Horse riding trails criss-cross the alpine pastures. Exploring the surroundings on a horse makes not only children’s hearts leap for joy.

A holiday on the farm “Stableshof” in Nauders, Tyrol, will bring you closer together. That’s for sure. Why? This traditional farm with a history of about 400 years is quite rustic. It’s the second highest farm in the province of Tyrol. Here, people focus on the essential things in life. Good talks outside, in nature, or next to the wood-fired stove with the sound of crackling fire in the background are a must. The house sleeps up to ten people. Interested guests can help to mow and bring in hay from the alpine pastures. There’s a private chapel. And you can even sleep in one of the log cabins that are scattered on the hillsides. Traditionally, hay was stored in there.

On the sunny side of the hill with a stunning view of the Murtal valley, secluded and peaceful, with no other buildings in sight - that’s the cabin “Abfalterer Hütte” at the foot of the mountain Zirbitzkogel. From here, you can take in beautiful views of the majestic mountains and the valley. You’re sure to find peace and relaxation here, at an altitude of 1,300m. Heat the stove before you begin to prepare the meals and drink fresh spring water from the fountain - like grandma used to do. The mountain cabin accommodates five people. The cosy and traditional living room has been furnished with great care. It’s at the heart of the building. The cabin is the ideal starting point for hikes and mountain biking tours.

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