Holiday Homes on Mountain Farms

Stories from the Alps, 15.02.2022

Staying in a holiday home next to a mountain farm is your chance to take part in farming activities, peek over the farmers’ shoulders and pitch right in. There’s always some work to do. And there’s always an exciting activity to engage in. Enjoy an authentic travel experience and a delightful holiday.

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Paar sitzt auf Liegestühlen vor der Hütte | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Steiermark / Daniel Gollner

You’re not Simply on Holiday - You’re a Guest at a Family’s Place

“A big advantage of a farm holiday in Austria: the human touch. You’re not simply on holiday, but you’re actually a guest of my family, at my workplace. Everyone we welcome gets a great insight into our lives. That’s a matter of trust. Our way of thinking, our responsibility of the animals, the way food is produced and the work that’s involved - that’s what we care about and that’s what we want to convey to our guests. The barn door is always open. We want to convey a realistic image of agriculture. Without the cliches.” A host once said that. In a nutshell, that’s what a farm holiday means to her. If you stay in a holiday home on a mountain farm, you’re welcome to ask questions, help on the farm or just watch. You can actively take part, but you don’t have to. Nature and the surrounding lands provide countless opportunities for all ages. There are plenty of adventures just around the corner!

You Name It, Nature Plays It

Set out on a hike or simply lounge in the hammock reading a good book. Go to the stream and build a water wheel with the kids or run barefoot across meadows in full bloom. Enjoy a sauna session in the evening and a candlelight dinner afterwards. Indulge in a delicious snack platter with food from the local farm shop.

Home-made products such as cheeses, jams or meat products can be purchased on almost every farm in Austria. Let go of your worries, relax, enjoy the moment to the fullest. Get back a sense of time, in harmony with the rhythm of nature. That’s all that counts now.

Live with the Seasons

In spring, summer or autumn, the tasks and activities related to farming are extremely diverse and exciting all year round. Nature is always in for a surprise. Sowing in spring, mowing the lush grass on the hillsides in summer and “Almabtrieb”, driving the cattle down from the alpine pastures, in autumn.

There won’t be a dull moment, that’s for sure. You can learn a lot. Perhaps you’re allowed to join the farmer on a tractor ride? Just ask, hop on, switch off your mobile phone and energise in pure nature instead. After all, you’d like to get familiar with a farmer’s life. There’s so much to see and discover here. Constantly looking at your phone doesn’t add to the beauty of the moment. Quite the opposite, it often makes a moment more stressful and will deprive it of its charm. Clean air in the mountains, crystal-clear water in the stream, high-quality food - that’s what really matters. Not the WiFi password or the best Instagram story.

Wake Up, It’s Time to Go to the Barn!

It’s exciting in the mountains, all day long. In the early morning, at the break of dawn, it’s time to take care of the animals. Hungry cows are craving some loose hay, the hens are cackling for some corn and the goats as well as their furry friends in the petting zoo would also like to have something to eat. Are you interested? Come and try milking the cow to have a glass of milk for breakfast.

The farmer will give you some advice. You’ll see, it doesn’t take long and it tastes even better! This way, you’ll have enough power to lend the farmer a hand with other tasks or to embark on new adventures. Most of these mountain farms provide more than just an insight into their everyday lives. Fine tastings for adults with home-made fruit spirits or guided walks for the whole family with trained outdoor educators - a lot of diverse activities await you. Spectacular panoramic views of the valleys and mountain peaks are included.

Be Our Guest, Be Our Friend

What do all our hosts have in common? The genuine hospitality that makes every guest instantly feel welcome. All across the country, this is what the hosts care most about. Everyone who spends time on one of our family farms in Austria will experience it at first hand. Here, you’re welcome. Here, people care about each other. It’s the human touch that makes a difference.

It’s the little things that matter. Delightful moments that make guests come back year after year. Quite the opposite of an entertainment programme, it’s about allowing yourself to be spontaneous. It’s about spending time together. All of this is part of our philosophy. In the mountains, respecting humans and animals goes hand in hand. Guests are allowed to peek over the farmers’ shoulder and take a look behind the scenes. Learn a way of expressing mutual appreciation and respect, and understand that animals are not merely an asset but, first an foremost, a living being.

In the evening, you can philosophise, chat and discuss around the barbecue. Those who come as a guest often leave as a friend. And return as a friend.

How Shall Your Accommodation Look Like?

The diversity of places to stay leaves nothing to be desired. There’s the perfect destination for every fancy. Plus, each province in Austria comes with a traditional and unique architectural style. Wherever you choose to go, whether it’s a cosy holiday home with standard interiors or a premium chalet:

In the end, guests will experience the very essence of it all - reconnecting with nature, treating all life on Earth with respect and taking a break of everyday life during a walk through the forest or to the nearest summit. You’ll find your own way. One step at a time. You’ll find the right pace. There’s a nice saying: “True happiness begins with what you already have.”

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