Farm Holidays: 10 Things You Need to Experience

Stories from the Farm, 28.06.2018

Yes, we know: “Boredom” is a foreign concept on a rural holiday, as nature offers plenty to do: Hiking, cycling, swimming, horse-riding and much, much more. But checking in at an Urlaub am Bauernhof establishment? Only then can you really immerse yourself in a pure, authentic world of experiences. That’s why we’d like to give you a little introduction on what you absolutely mustn’t miss out on.

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Bauernhaus mit Wiese und Blumen | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Kärnten/ Daniel Gollner

1. Mobile Phone? Ok, But Switch It Off...

A well-intended piece of advice to start with: Simply switch off your smartphone and enjoy nature in its purest form instead. In the end, if you wish to experience a slice of the farm life, there is so much to see and discover that the constant grasping for the mobile phone can make many moments simply feel stressful, taking the magic out of life’s little wonders. It doesn’t have to be switched off for the whole holiday; a few hours a day should suffice. And I’ll bet you won’t even miss it.

2. Discover Farm Cuisine

If you ask yourself upon arrival why the whole house smells so amazing, you simply need to open the kitchen door a little, because that’s where the really delicious secrets are tucked away. Baking bread, making jam, shaping biscuits, preparing delicious lemonade – regardless of the season, there’s always something cooking in the kitchen. And it tastes, yum, simply magnificent.

3. Hay Alert!!!

It was so much fun to do as a child: stripping off your shoes, scrambling around the hayloft and jumping around with cries of joy soon after. Today, there is a special area in the barn set aside for unencumbered and, above all, safe frolicking in the hay.

4. Don’t Be a Wallflower

The perfect companion to playing in the fragrant, dry hay? Running through the blooming meadows. At the same time noticing all of the different flowers, such as carnations, yarrow, red clover and oxeye daisies. With a little practice, the latter can be used to conjure up a beautiful chain of flowers for your hair – why not try it together and see who can make the prettiest one?

5. Mr Farmer, May We Help?

In spring, summer and autumn, working in the fields can be incredibly exciting and always offers new “natural” surprises. In spring, the seeds must be sown, in summer, the luscious meadows need to be mown, and in autumn, the pumpkins, corn, and co. are all ready for harvest. You won’t get bored as there is so much to learn, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to ride along on the tractor. Just ask, smile nicely, and jump aboard.

6. Fetch the Milk for Your Own Breakfast

Daily work with the livestock begins early in the morning, when the day is just dawning. Hungry cows are yearning for a fresh portion of hay, the chickens squawk for their corn and the goats and other fluffy inhabitants of the petting zoo would like something to eat as well. Any interested bystanders are welcome to join in and can attempt to get the milk for their breakfast cereal themselves. With a few helpful tips, it can go very smoothly, and will make your breakfast taste even better.

7. Wash Yourself in the Water Trough

Who says that your morning ablutions always have to take place in the bathroom? A handful of crystal-clear spring water is magnificently refreshing and invigorates the body and mind. But watch out: little guests can sometimes see this morning wash as an invitation to start a water fight. But then again, why not? They are on holiday, after all...

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