No Side Effects, Guaranteed: The Forest Remedy

Nature Experiences, 28.11.2017

The rustling of the leaves, the sunlight glimpsing through between the branches, the voices of nature and the peace and quiet – it’s not for nothing that forests are often called the hospital of the heart and soul. Forest bathing, barefoot hiking, and that wonderful feeling of really feeling yourself again: find out here where you can do all of this.

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Frau mit Urlaub auf der Alm-Rucksack im Wald | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Steiermark / Daniel Gollner

There’s a reason they call a nice walk a “constitutional”: ‘If you feel unwell, go on a forest walk.’ Nature, especially a forest, is known today as a source of good health, as it always has been. So if you’ve always wanted to try “forest bathing”, you will be right on the money at Allesbauer, high above Millstättersee. Right from the farm, you can take a walk through the dense forest belonging to the Preis family. On the walk, the certified forest guide and silviculturist Heinrich can guide you to some unique spots for relaxation and enjoyment.

Because Heinrich knows: ‘The concept of forest bathing that originated in Japan touches on the theory of mindfully sensing and experiencing the atmosphere of the forest. And it’s not about a forest walk in and of itself: the main part of forest bathing is slowly and peacefully strolling through the forest. With conscious breathing, we can enjoy the diverse and dynamic scents emanating from the plants and trees, the special places and lighting, or for example, a tree canopy, all of which are perfect for relaxation. Forest bathing significantly strengthens the immune system and has positive effects on health. It reduces stress, creates some balance against your stressful work life, lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, and also has positive effects on those with nervous conditions or depression.’ So there’s nothing quite like getting out into the forest!

Through the Forest with the Forester

At the Blumenhof Elfi am Weissensee, you can combine forest walks and swimming. There, Elfi has set up a heated forest pool for her guests that is a perfect spot to relax.
At the Naturgut Lassen bei Himmelberg in the Nock Mountains, you can take a barefoot walking trail through the meadows and forest. Various stops along the way invite you to feel the earth under your feet again, to experience walking barefoot on moss, pine cones, and refreshing water.
And at the Ferienhof Haberzettl at the Metnitztal near Grades, you will get sent straight out into the forest with forester Michael Golja. With him, you can experience the forest on a nice walk and see its sensitive ecosystem from an entirely new perspective.
For restorative moments and refreshing walks.

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