7 Ultimate Experiences in the Austrian Mountains

Nature Experiences, 03.09.2019

A holiday in the mountain cabins and chalets in Austria - step into a world without worries and find nature in its pristine state. It’s a place where you can spend your day in harmony with the rhythm of nature. Where your physical, mental and spiritual health will get the attention they deserve. Where the silence can be so loud that you can actually hear it. An “Alm”, a cabin set in the mountains surrounded by alpine pastures. Here, you’re a human being. Here, you can be who you are.

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Pärchen sitzt auf der Wiese und genießt den Sonnenunterang | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Kärnten / Daniel Gollner

1. Arrive and Take a Deep Breath

Have you ever noticed that your breath goes much faster when you feel stressed? You don’t have to be a professional yogi to practice the most simple way to relax. Arrive at the mountain cabin, settle down, enjoy the moment and fill your lungs with the fresh, clean mountain air. Take deep, mindful breaths, in and out. Focus only on the sounds and sensations in your body. It will work wonders, you’ll see! Concentrating on your breath and gently breathing in and out is the most effective way to relieve stress. The best setting is a meadow covered with fragrant herbs. Lie down right next to the mountain cabin.

2. Turn Off Your Phone and Turn On the Relax Mode

High up in the mountains, you’re closer to heaven. Here, forgetting about the phone comes naturally. Especially in times of digital detox. In the self-catering log cabin at an altitude of 1,800m, your iPhone or iPad might not get a signal. But a holiday in the mountains allows you to establish new relationships instead: with your family, with the environment, with a simple life. That’s another reason for you to switch off your mobile devices and to explore the exciting surroundings without Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Instead of playing Pokémon Go, you can try to spot real animals that live here, on the alpine pastures!

3. Spend Your Day in Harmony with the Rhythm of Nature

On an “Alm”, a cabin in the Austrian mountains, you’ll live in harmony with the rhythm of nature. After 4 or 5 days, you might notice that you’re rising with the lark and enjoying your day to the fullest. A power nap is a must-do! Spending a lot of time outdoors causes your biological clock to shift and to be more in tune with nature’s light-and-dark cycle. Natural light keeps the body’s natural rhythm in balance. At the same time, you’ll sleep like a log. After all, there’s rarely a place as quiet and dark as a cabin in the mountains.

A good night’s sleep will come naturally once you’ve gazed at the Plough - not in the fields but in the endless sky...

4. Set Out on a Hike from the Doorstep

Humans are long-distance walkers by nature. Endurance walking has played an important role in our evolution. Our body is built for lots of physical activity in nature. Long story short: We love moving! But our sedentary lifestyle in Western, industrialised nations, is quite the opposite. We spend most of our time indoors with inadequate lighting, poor air quality and mostly sitting. It’s no surprise that this lifestyle affects our psychological, physical and mental health and can ultimately make us sick. However, we can do a lot to benefit our health without much effort. We can include as many physical activities as possible in our holidays. A stay in a mountain cabin or chalet is perfect for an active break. Actively explore nature as you hike, cycle or go ski touring in the surrounding mountains. Your hosts know the most beautiful tracks and trails in the region. They will be happy to give you some advice for your personal workout in the great outdoors!

5. Light the Stove in the Cabin Yourself

A holiday in a mountain cabin or chalet in Austria makes you calm down. You’ll feel it when you’re chopping wood for the tiled stove. Listen to the crackling fire in the wood-burning stove. In the morning, you’ve split the logs using all your energy. And now, they’re fuelling the stove where the pork roast is baking. An enticing smell is welcoming you as you return to the cabin from your hike or an invigorating walk through the mountain stream.

6. Refresh Your Senses with Chilly Spring Water

The fact that the icy water in the fountain next to the cabin tastes 100% pure might not be new to you. Rub the sleep from your eyes with the chilly spring water in the morning and get ready for a joyful day on the alpine pastures. A Kneipp cure, for example submerging your tired feet or arms in cold water, will get your circulation going!

7. Boost Your Senses - Touch, Smell, Hear, Taste

While you’re on holiday in the Austrian mountains, you can sit down next to the mountain cabin (front row, of course) and listen to the impressive sounds of nature. Try to find five things that you can see, touch, smell... On the alpine pastures, you’ll instantly find them. Suddenly, you’re becoming fully aware of the present moment - and you can enjoy it to the fullest. Find yourself again.

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