Home Sweet Home - Holidays in Southern Burgenland

Stories from the Farm, 13.11.2017

Welcome to Southern Burgenland

Why Southern Burgenland? Since I was a child, Southern Burgenland and the Austrian/Hungarian/Slovenian border region have been my #1 holiday destination. That's why I'm all the more delighted about the wonderful cooperation between the associations "Farm Holidays in Austria" and "Sonnengartl". Far away from the hustle and bustle, you can fully enjoy your countryside holiday here. There's plenty of ways to indulge in the fantastic local cuisine. Finally, I was able take some time for myself and do the things I love, the things I'm simply too busy for at home. Of course, I'd like to tell you about this lovely break, about my holiday in Southern Burgenland.

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Sonnenuntergang im Südburgenland | © Urlaub am Bauernhof Burgenland / Franz Fartek

Our Accommodation: Landhofmühle in Minihof-Liebau

We stayed at the beautiful, idyllic country house "Landhofmühle" run by the Fartek family. Claudia, the landlady, is a wonderful host and absolutely lovely! Franz, our host, went on a bike tour with us. We were enchanted by his charming and cheerful manner. It's typical for the locals from Burgenland, we were told. But more on that later. At the Landhofmühle, the "Burgenland way of life" is tangible. The old farmhouse was renovated with great care. The garden invites you to while away the hours with a good book. All the rooms have country house furnishings. Thanks to the larch flooring, it smells of wood. What an enticing scent!

The breakfast that Claudia and Franz conjured up each morning was an absolute delight! Countless delicious treats combined with locally sourced produce. You could taste the freshness of the locally grown food with every bite. All of the delicacies are beautifully presented in little jars and on small plates. From hot to cold, sweet to sour, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options - there really is something for everyone. The atmosphere in the garden by the pond is hard to beat. Claudia and Franz always take care that all of their guests feel comfortable and that no wish goes unfulfilled.

It goes without saying that I was blown away by the beautiful garden! Countless flowers, shrubs and herbs grow lavishly in the garden of the Landhofmühle. It's a habitat for countless bees, butterflies and dragonflies. Enjoying the peace and quiet in a beautiful setting was simply heavenly. I could have spent hours in the garden, and I even took home some inspiration for our own future garden. And what can no farm be without? A cute cat. The cat roamed around the farm all day long, enjoying the lovely weather, just as we did.

Sonnengartl: What and Who Is That?

The association "Sonnengartl" was founded 14 years ago. It unites 10 wonderful, unique hosts that offer farm holidays and other businesses. There is a horse-riding company, a hotel and an oil mill. They all guarantee very special holiday moments. The properties are all located around the village of Minihof-Liebau, and are therefore very easy to reach by bike.

Cuisine and Sports: Visit the Partners

During our holiday, we decided to take some quality time for ourselves and go on a cycle tour. Finally, a chance to enjoy nature again. On an e-bike, even. Perfect! It was the first time for us. Neither of us had ever ridden an e-bike before. And what can I say - it was really practical! With this kind of bike, you can tackle the hilly area excellently without breaking a sweat.

Before we set out, Claudia, our lovely host at Landhofmühle, gave us some advice. She marked all of the businesses and hosts that we should visit on a map and told us a little more about them. Franz, the man of the house, accompanied us on our tour and showed us everything. He was not just a fantastic tour guide but also an excellent photographer! The whole region is simply breath-taking and incredibly idyllic. Just look at the grapevines, forests and the hilly landscape. The bike tour is also ideal for families with children because the farms work in different areas. This allows you to get a deep insight into traditions and family life in Southern Burgenland.

In addition to home-made herb lemonade, grape juice and apple juice, there was home-made fruit spirit, locally sourced wine and a tasty snack including hearty sausages and cold cuts, a variety of cheeses and rustic farmhouse bread. They were served with fresh vegetables and salad from the garden. It goes without saying that we were well catered for and took the opportunity to try everything! With so many delicious, home-made products on the table, we simply can't resist sampling each and every one of them.

This holiday meant a lot to me personally. I already knew the area a little since I've spent so many lovely moments there with my family. Furthermore, I also think it's important to visit and rate places other than the big, luxurious hotels. These kind of weekends are a wonderful break from my stressful everyday life. Such a trip always brings me back down to earth. Quality time, really.

To top it all off, we baked and tasted delicious potato and apple strudel with Christine and Roland from the farm "Buchgrabenhof". After that, we sat together and spent the rest of the evening discussing, enjoying good wine and reminiscing about the lovely weekend. This farm holiday was important to me in other respects too. It allowed me to contribute to the rural economy, Austrian agriculture and the craftsmanship, local customs and traditions involved. As a child, I already enjoyed the time spent on the farm with my parents and grandparents. As a result, I came to love farm life.

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