Culinary Traditions in SalzburgerLand
Feasting on the Farm
Unterkunft suchen

Feasts and Traditions in the Farmer’s Kitchen

A Farm Holiday in SalzburgerLand Tastes Like This

SalzburgerLand is a province of diverse landscapes and diverse historical traditions. Local customs are still an important part of life, especially in rural areas. Apart from celebrating Christian holidays, there’s also a number of cultural events that are unique to a certain region. And there’s no celebration without a feast! A unique set of culinary traditions has evolved in every region. This cultural heritage is probably most firmly rooted in the kitchens on family farms. That doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, this is the place where the food comes from. Grain is grown here and turned into bread later on. Cows are raised here and their milk is transformed into delicious cheese. On the farm, old and treasured recipes are still passed down from one generation to the next. Traditional dishes with a modern twist or classic recipes just like Grandma used to make them - the basis are the same: fresh, locally grown ingredients and a good sense of tradition. 

Would you like to know how Easter or Christmas tastes like? Come to a family farm in SalzburgerLand, then!

"For me, traditional delicacies are dishes that my grandmother used to cook. That even brings back old childhood memories now and then."

Christoph Gwehenberger
Bio-Bauernhof Stockham

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Farm Holidays in SalzburgerLand

Urlaub am Bauernhof im SalzburgerLand mit Helga, Hannes, Gusti und Nadine. | © Maria Astner-Meissnitzer/UaB
Urlaub am Bauernhof im SalzburgerLand

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