Summer Holidays on the Farm - It’s Impossible to Resist

Customs & Traditions, 01.07.2021, Maria Verena Neuner

Real farm holidays in Tyrol - immerse yourself in nature and idyllic farm life in the mountains. Lend the farmers a hand in the barn, prepare local delicacies in the farmer’s kitchen, pet the animals and experience much more. The whole family can look forward to a fun-filled time during a farm holiday in Tyrol!

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Adlerweg | © Urlaub am Bauernhof - tirolwerbung/ Dominik Gigler

Spa & Wellness in Nature

Wade in the waters of a burbling mountain stream. Walk barefoot for a day. Take a soothing hay bath. Simply relax and unwind in peace and tranquillity. Our vitality farms have plenty of spa treatments and special highlights on offer, far from crowded spa hotels.

Tyrol - A Premium Holiday Destination

Explore the world from above. A lot of cosy, traditional mountain cabins and farms are set in the mountains. Take in a spectacular panoramic view extending over the valleys.

Local Customs & Traditions

Summer is the time to celebrate local customs and traditions. Folk music, folk dances, delicious home-made treats and warm-hearted people make these traditional festivities an outstanding experience for everyone.

Great Fun for the Whole Family

Riding on a tractor, baking bread, petting the animals, exploring the forest playground - guests of all ages will find plenty of things to discover on the farm.

Culinary Highlights

A delicious smell wafts towards you. Freshly baked bread! It must be time for breakfast. The table is laden with home-made jam, cheese, butter and fruit juice. Indulge in the local cuisine at lunch. How about a “Kaiserschmarrn”, a sweet fluffy pancake? Or some dumplings with bacon, a local delicacy called “Tiroler Knödl”? The farmers’ cooking skills are not to be underestimated!

Fresh Herbs from the Garden

“There’s a natural remedy to help overcome any disease.” Soothing herbal tea blends, fruit spirits or fresh salad - there are a lot of treasures to uncover in the farmers’ herb gardens.

Romantic Country Living

You’ll be enchanted by the special ambience of an old farmhouse. Enjoy getting to know your hosts. They’ll be happy to share a part of their life on the farm with you.

Pitch In on the Farm and RelaxBring in the hay, help in the barn or lend a hand in the farmer’s garden - every helping hand is welcome on the farm. Enjoy the great feeling of indulging in a delicious snack after all the work has been done.

Unique Places to Stay

Every farm is unique. Modern architecture that blends perfectly into the landscape. Historic farm building stock with a 600-year-old history that has been carefully restored. Farmhouses that look old from the outside but surprise visitors with modern amenities inside. The farms in Tyrol are as unique as their hosts.

Quality Is Our Utmost Priority

You don’t have to miss out on your home comfort. Our farms are subject to regular quality controls. This way, we can guarantee that they meet our quality criteria. Depending on the results, every farm is awarded 2, 3, 4 or 5 flowers. Find your perfect farm holiday in Tyrol. Come as a guest - leave as a friend! Meet kind, warm-hearted and genuine people. Get in touch with the local farmers in Tyrol. Get to know their experiences. They are more than happy to share them with you. This is what makes a farm holiday in Tyrol unforgettable. Here, you’re not just one of many. You’ll come as a guest and leave as a friend - with a collection of unforgettable, beautiful memories.

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