Stories of horses from South Burgenland

Stories from the Farm, 24.11.2017
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Pferd und Frau im Südburgenland | © Urlaub am Bauernhof / Julia Reiterics

Holiday at the Sonnengartl and horse-riding at the Pferdehof Pfaffenriegel

At the Sonnengartl, the Ludwig family offers the best conditions for a fantastic family holiday. Not only can the parents have fun with their children here, they can also enjoy some well-earned time for themselves. With a book on the terrace or over a glass of wine, you will experience the unique quality of life inherent to the South Burgenland region.

During the horse-riding lessons, Margit Ludwig is primarily concerned to ensure that professional handling of the animal means that a relationship can be formed between horse and rider. As such, the lessons only take place individually or in small groups. Thanks to her many years of experience and lots of specialist training in handling horses and teaching, she has an extensive repertoire of training methods to draw from. This allows her to design the lessons ideally to suit her students’ individual needs.

Horse-riding and vaulting

One of the true pleasures of this earth is riding on horseback. This saying applies at the Reiterbauernhof Ludwig, where you can experience these moments for yourself. Vaulting (for those aged 5 or older) can be great fun for the kids, where the fun starts with warming up and stretching, and practising movements in the group with a wooden horse. Then they ride on an actual horse alone or in pairs – walk, trot, and canter, in our all-weather, roofed riding hall. Professional handling of a horse also involves cleaning, tending and above all praising the animals.

Rides to the Raab nature reserve also guarantee unforgettable moments in the great outdoors. Riding through the forests and meadows allows you to see the horse in its element and better understand how it responds to its environment. In the interest of safety and to ensure that nobody is pushed too hard, the Ludwig family ascertain the rider’s ability in advance.

Fun and riding at the holiday camp

The holiday camp is the perfect place for small groups of children to spend an eventful summer. Kids and teenagers (aged 8 to 18) with a passion for horses visit the camp alone and over six days, they can acquaint themselves with farm life and the horses in an immersive way. With the right equipment, the daily riding lesson is just as much of a highlight as the overnight stay in the garden house or the food on the meal plan they prepare together. Whenever the children are free to play and go exploring the farm after the riding lesson, there is always an adult in close proximity.

However you decide to spend your day at the Ludwig horse farm, by the evening you will still be able to feel how the atmosphere and, above all, the look in the horses’ eyes have touched your soul.

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