Spring Time’s Here in Lower Austria!

01.03.2021, Elisabeth Freundlinger

When the snowmen’s carrot noses start to come loose in other parts of the country, people in Lower Austria already rejoice at the sight of yellow, violet and red flowers that dot the scenery.

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flowering trees in the Mostviertel | © Mostviertel Tourismus / schwarz-koenig.at


When the snowmen’s carrot noses start to come loose in other parts of the country, people in Lower Austria already rejoice at the sight of yellow, violet and red flowers that dot the scenery. The mild temperatures draw everyone and everything outside: humans, animals and plants. Trees and shrubs are decorated with tender buds. The birds are chirping. When the soil is ready, a plethora of spring-blooming flowers abounds. The crocus is flowering! Snowdrops bloom in the wetlands. Daffodils, tulips and primroses brighten up our gardens. It’s time to add some colour to the scenery!

Colourful Springtime Beauty

Lower Austria is the land of orchards: apricots, apples, pears, cherries. In spring, you can catch the orchards in full bloom.

Apricots from the Wachau region are a registered trademark. Only varieties that are older than 100 years are part of this “elite club”. Imagine thousands of apricot trees in full bloom on the banks of the Danube and aromas of sweet perfumes seeping through the air. Meanwhile in the Mostviertel region, a stunning display of blossoms adorns around 300,000 pear trees, whereas the sight of gorgeous, pink cherry blossoms adds a dose of beauty to the landscape in the Weinviertel region. Marvel at the springtime beauty during a country walk, hike or cycle tour and have a snack in one of the local wine taverns. It’s a delight to all your senses.

The Farmer's Garden

“Plant me in April and I will come whenever I fancy. Plant me in May and I will come straight away”, the potato says in the Waldviertel region.

Yes, potatoes know their stuff. In spring, the farmers prepare everything in order to ensure a good harvest. It’s time to sow the seeds of summer grain crops, forage plants and potatoes, to do maintenance work on the pastures and to grow fresh grass. Farmers have a tight schedule in spring. Young seedlings grow in the greenhouse until the vegetables can move to the big wide world of the farmer’s garden. It doesn’t take long until you can pull the first radishes out of the ground.  

Easter & Other Spring Festivities

In no other place, people maintain and nurture their own local customs with so much dedication. Would you like to be part of it? Dying eggs, fastening natural materials to colourful bouquets (the so-called “Palmbuschen”) and making decorations for the Easter feast - all this is so much fun if you do it together! Listen to your hosts on the farm who can tell you a lot about old traditions. Easter is a special time of the year. In Lower Austria, it’s tied to plenty of local customs. Find presents and delicious treats for the Easter feast as you stroll through one of the many Easter markets.

In May, it’s time to marvel at the maypoles. Over night, these elaborately decorated trees have been erected all over the province. Get excited! They do not only announce sunny days but also jolly celebrations and lively get-togethers. The hosts on the farm you’re staying at know where you can visit a spring fair in the surroundings.

An Active Spring Break

It’s fantastic outside. Not too hot, not too cold. In the courtyards, you can enjoy the sun without any worries. Ideal conditions for hiking, some might say. Perfect prerequisites for cycling, others might argue. But you don’t have to choose. Would you like to tie your hiking boots today and push the pedals tomorrow? In Lower Austria, you can vary and spend every day with a different outdoor activity. Let the light spring breeze tousle your hair and feel your spirits lift! Get some fresh spring air, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in nature.

Spring on the Farm

In spring, nature bursts back into life. On the meadows, spring flowers start to bloom. Soon, the lush, green fields turn into a colourful carpet of flowers. In the barn, a new generation of animals sees the light of day: piglets, calves, kids, kittens, bunnies, puppies and chicks. Have you ever seen a calf being born? Some miracles can only be witnessed on a farm. It’s where you’ll collect unforgettable memories that will last forever. Do you remember...?

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