Holidays on Horse Farms in Austria
Saddle Up and Off You Go
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Holidays on Horse Farms in Austria

Saddle Your Horse, Get Set, Go!

It smells of saddle grease and stables. Holly, the pony, cranes her neck inquisitively, pricking her downy ears. Two dark brown eyes and a soft neighing say a welcoming “hello”. Here, on our certified horse farms in Austria, you’ll find your favourite horse to cuddle and to go for a ride with. Or you can just bring your own! On our horse farms, the trained farmers have all the riding equipment you need.

Some of our farmers have proven to be skilled “horse whisperers”. Advanced horse riders will also benefit from the knowledge of those who are spending the whole day side by side with these fascinating animals, 365 days a year. Horsemanship - the ability to create a respectful and fair partnership between the horse and the rider, is more than just a term here, on a horse farm. Be prepared to listen, sense, use body language - and get inspired!

And if it’s just styling my horses’ manes - for me, that’s a moment of joy.

Heidi Kanatschnig
Farmer and host on the farm “Wernhof”

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Holidays on the Farm in Austria