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We want you to enjoy a genuine
Farm Holidays experience.


We want you to spend very happy Farm Holidays, learning what life on the farm is all about, and experiencing hospitality within a very human and personal family atmosphere.

During your Farm Holidays, we really want you to feel totally comfortable and at ease. Part of this, of course, is ensuring that we meet all your wishes and expectations. But for that very same reason, we need you to play along with us a little bit, too, opening yourself to some of the delightful surprises that come with the realities of farming life.

Farm animals, homemade butter and jams, home-baked breads - these are all things you encounter practically everywhere. But much also depends on the seasons, as well as the size and location of the individual farm. Whether it is a fruit, arable, wine or cattle farm. And naturally, whether your personal preference is for all the comforts or just the basics.

We hope you will embrace this opportunity for a small adventure with an individual touch. Enjoy the anticipation of your upcoming Farm Holidays, whatever shape they will eventually take – so that you will be able to look back on them fondly for countless years to come.