Holidays in Country Houses in Austria
Romantic Countryside without Cows & Co
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Holidays in Country Houses in Austria

Treat Yourself to a Slower Pace in a Romantic, Rural Setting

Are you craving some time off? Are you longing for inner peace and deep relaxation? We have precisely what you need. Lay down on the bench next to the farmhouse and close your eyes. Listen to the sounds of humming bees and chirping crickets while the summer breeze wafts the scent of lavender towards you. Spend your holiday in a rural setting typical for the region. Here, the focus is not on livestock (anymore). Still, you can get to know local customs and traditions. Your hosts are farmers. Kind and down-to-earth people with a vast knowledge about the land and its folk.

If you do what you like doing, you don't need to go to work anymore your whole life.

Gerlinde Weger
Host at the organic farm "Bio-Bergbauernhof Weger, vlg. Rübenstöffl"

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Andrea Sommerauer
Holidays on the Farm in Austria