Connoisseur rooms in Lower Austria

Blog articles // 21. Nov 2017
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Would you like a little more?

There are rooms, and then there are connoisseur rooms. The latter offer treats, charm and a panoramic view to turn any holiday into an unforgettable experience. Guaranteed!​

It’s not about size, then? If you have stayed overnight in one of the almost 400 connoisseur rooms in Lower Austria, you will know: grandeur does indeed make a difference! The difference between a normal holiday and a richly eventful connoisseur’s holiday is that you can be enchanted by the culinary and cultural treasures in the open countryside.

A culture of hospitality

The fact of the matter is: connoisseur rooms are not just particularly spacious and lovingly furnished sanctuaries of comfort at the most idyllic spots in Lower Austria. Be it a suite in a five-star establishment, a stately room in a palace, a residence in a Baroque abbey, a holiday apartment on a farm or a private room in an old press house, all of them offer more per square metre: more friendly hospitality, regional charm, and personal service. And that’s our guarantee! Because providers of connoisseur rooms are regularly inspected and must fulfil a long list of pleasure criteria.

Dreams come true

If there are freshly picked meadow flowers on the windowsill, your favourite is music coming from the CD player, a sweet treat has been placed on your pillow, sparkling wine and seasonal gourmet treats have been laid out for your breakfast after a nice lie-in, and roses are floating in the bath water, then it’s not just Mother’s Day, an anniversary or the like; it’s a true connoisseur room in all its glory. The providers of these rooms are all working towards the same goal of making guests’ dreams come true and instilling them with the sense that they are not just on holiday, but are staying with friends.

The host as an ambassador for indulgence

This also means that the connoisseur rooms hosts act as ambassadors for indulgence: intimately familiar with the region, they always have the best tips for worthwhile trip destinations, know the addresses of the best regional producers, can tell you the way to hidden places of power or facilitate truly special experiences, such as participating in a grape harvest. Upon arrival, they also hand the guests the ticket to view top-class artworks: the so-called Kulturticket Niederösterreich ( With this ticket, you will receive up to 50 percent discount on admission to the most renowned cultural facilities – even after your holiday has come to an end!

With a view to relaxation

If that still weren’t enough, some connoisseur rooms offer their guests another extra: their own personal ‘TV’ programmes. Because many of the choice establishments have magnificent views as well. Panoramic windows command a sweeping outlook extending as far as the horizon, and frame the beautiful countryside scenery of Lower Austria like a prized artwork. In the Alps to the South, the imposing summits of the Ötscher and Schneeberg mountains look close enough to touch as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.

Holiday for life

It’s no wonder that some people claim that not only did they spend the best time of the year in Lower Austria, but the best time of their lives. There are plenty of choices for true connoisseurs at or in the Connoisseur Room Catalogue (, +43 (0) 2742 / 9000-9000).