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Group Holidays on the Farm

Something Special for Your Dearest Ones

In large families, there’s always an occasion to celebrate: Dad’s big birthday, grandma’s and grandpa’s golden wedding anniversary, a successfully passed school year. In between, there’s Easter, Mother’s Day and First Communion. And since a happy get-together is one of the nicest things in the world, we always find a reason to do something together.

However, you need to plan ahead - not only in order to fix a date that suits everyone. After all, some like to cycle and others prefer hiking. Children are craving for space to romp and play. And the baby needs a quiet spot out in the open air ...Where’s the right destination to find all these wishes fulfilled? The answer is so easy and it’s just around the corner: A farm stay. Surprise your loved ones with a great holiday for everyone. Come and spend quality time together on a farm!

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Andrea Sommerauer
Holidays on the Farm in Austria