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Holidays without cows and their pals

Sometimes being happy is so simply ….

Beautifully tended countryside, magical accommodations, secluded places, friends or family, mouth-watering dishes with healthy ingredients, and hosts who couldn’t be nicer. All of this coupled with traditions and folk customs, and the authentic lifestyle of the rural population, has given birth to a new offer from the Farm Holidays in Austria association, “Country Holidays”.

By introducing this new vacation opportunity, Farm Holidays is satisfying a desire out there for a new type of country experience. This offer is perfect for people who appreciate nature and an idyllic rural setting, but who could happily do without cows and other farm animals. Country & vacation homes, farmhouses, estates, mansions & castles, and farms that don’t keep animals, all invite guests to enjoy a gloriously romantic vacation and a lifestyle that is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

The motto for this country experience is: Vacation in a setting typical of the region. Even though you are not living right on a farm, local traditions and customs are still very much a big part of the picture. After all, you don’t need to have cows mooing or horses whinnying in the background, in order to be able to experience happy holidays in the country. Your hosts are farmers, sincere, with deep local roots, and are truly knowledgeable about the land and the people who live there – however, farming animals is not, or is no longer at the forefront of what they do.

Nonetheless, there are all kinds of opportunities to experience the farming world as an onlooker – enjoying traditions and folk heritage, beautifully tended countryside, healthy foods and pleasant chats with the locals – this is what “Country Holidays” are all about.

Special features of countryside holidays

There are so many facets to the “Country Holidays” possibilities. Your options include:

  • Farms, which are no longer active but are still very much a part of a living farming tradition.
  • Country homes with comfy, spacious apartments, large gardens and personal contact with the family.
  • Country estates, exuding pure romance with their historical ambience and antique furniture.
  • Castles or mansions with historical roots, where guests are treated like royalty.
  • Forestry houses, with opportunities for hunting and fishing expeditions on their own land.
  • Farms, standing in the middle of orchards and vineyards or broad meadows, serving as very special oases of quiet retreat.

Enjoy the family-style hospitality and the uncomplicated lifestyle of the country – minus those high-heels and designer bags. Finally being able to escape the outside world – and who knows, maybe even turning off your mobile phone!

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