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Here you can go riding, but you certainly don’t have to. Lead the horse out across the meadows, swing yourself up into the saddle.


You will find everything that two-legged guests need when they are around their four-legged friends: At least three riding horses, riding lessons, riding arena or paddock, guided treks, specialized literature and informational materials about riding, riding packages, as well as the opportunity to groom and look after a horse yourself.

If you have never sat on a horse, here you will learn the basics. The right way to approach a horse, the right way to touch it. In the process, you will also learn quite a bit about yourself as well. Been up in the saddle a few times before, but still feel a little uncertain? The pros are happy to show inexperienced riders how to quickly refine their skills. Brushing, feeding, using the curry comb. Guiding the horse across the meadow.  
Galloping across an open field. When people talk about “the spice of life”, this is what they are referring to.

Don’t want to go riding? Then take a complete break. Play table tennis, or read a book. Kick back in the hammock and spit cherry pits, or sip cider as you relax in the garden. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride. The red currant jam is homemade, the bacon home-cured, your mobile phone is turned off. And everything is in total balance.

Special Features of Our Farms with Riding Opportunities:

  • At least three riding horses on the farm.
  • At least one contact person to show guests the correct way to act around horses. This person will have ample experience in dealing with horses (rider certification or carriage-driving license)
  • The farm is well equipped, including a saddle room and tackle for each riding horse, along with safety helmets for riders.
  • Extensive informational material about horseback riding is available at the farm.
  • Your farm often offers opportunities for carriage and sleigh rides.
  • You have the opportunity to take care of riding horses personally during your stay.