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These farms don’t need to label things as “organic”, since everything about them is precisely that. From your breakfast egg to the apple tree. And you’ll quickly taste it for yourself.


Here there’s everything for those who love organic, want organic and need organic: The farmers know what’s important, what’s involved and how to do it right. But after all, they do run an organic farm, they have been specially trained, and they have a lot to teach you. Most importantly, for them organic isn’t just a tradition, it’s a way of life. And it has always been that way. The chives come fresh out of the garden in front of the house, the milk from the cow in the barn. Take a look for yourself at what she’s fed. Or better still, feed her yourself and keep her company for a while. Afterwards, pick yourself an apple off the tree and take a look around the farmhouse garden, where beautiful tomatoes are growing on the vine. You can even peel your own potatoes. And maybe the farmer’s wife will show you how to make real red currant jam. You know, the kind that tastes really, really good. Out in the fields, pastures or meadows. On the farm or from the farm. Here you will find something for body, mind and soul. After all, organic is all about life itself.


Special Features of Our Organic Farms:

  • Sleep well in rooms primarily furnished with natural materials.
  • As you wish, enjoy a breakfast of purely organic ingredients.
  • For breakfast and other meals, your hosts primarily use organic products from the farm or the surrounding region.
  • Enjoy fresh organic products from the farm shop or from neighboring farms.
  • All herbs and vegetables on the farm are grown according to organic guidelines.
  • Farms are members of an officially recognized organics association.