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Winter holidays on the farm - as peaceful as winter can be

Escape the hustle and bustle of large ski resorts and retreat to one of our family farms in Austria, places to wind down and enjoy a peaceful, safe and carefree holiday. As the days start to get shorter and the exciting summer days make way for a cosy, calm and snug feeling ... as the first snow flakes begin to fall ... winter is here! Life is calming down, also on our family farms in Austria. The livestock has returned to the barn and the family gets together. Now it’s time for baking Christmas biscuits, for old customs and traditions associated with winter and, of course, for having fun in the snow together.



Schneeschaufeln vor dem Hof 42 © Hans Huber
Mann zieht Schlitten mit Frau © Hans Huber

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3 reasons for your winter holiday on the farm

1. You want to escape from large ski resorts

Explore the surroundings off-piste, either with snowshoes, cross-country skis or simply on foot. Now, you can enjoy the silence on snow-covered fields or in the white woods. Look at the tracks in the snow. The animals in the surroundings are also active in the winter wonderland. Our host families have great recommendations for you where to find the most beautiful spots.

Pferde im Schnee am ZIttrauerhof © Bernd Suppan

2. You care about locally grown food

For breakfast, you had a fresh egg from the barn. It’s good to know where it comes from and to see that the hens are happy. A lot of our family farms in Austria produce delicious cheeses, yoghurt or quark, sausages and bacon, home-made jams and tasty cereals - for the guests with a sweet tooth. Start your winter day fit as a fiddle after a delicious breakfast with locally grown products. You will be amazed by the range of home-made products that the farms have on offer. They often buy additional items from their neighbours, so that they can serve you up with even more delicacies.

frische Bauernbutter © Katja Stadler

3. Your winter holiday on the farm comes at a reasonable price

It can be a challenge to go on winter holiday with the whole family. Our family farms in Austria offer holidays at a reasonable price for you and your loved ones. The holiday apartments, rooms and holiday cottages are tested and certified. The host families are very much looking forward to welcoming you!

Holzhütte beim Zittrauerhof im Winter © Bernd Suppan

Enjoy the cold season

If you think that the farms are hibernating in winter, you will get a white surprise. Literally! During your winter holiday on a farm in Austria, there’s plenty of things to discover - with all your senses. What are the cows actually doing in winter? Where do they get food from? And is there also an egg on the breakfast table now?

If you like, you can get up early in the morning to see the untouched and magical snowy landscape. Just step outside the door of the farm or the cabin and take a deep breath. It’s up to you, in which activities you would like to engage during your winter break on the farm. Winter activities on the farm include sports and exercise, culinary delights and real insights into farm life. The range of options is as diverse as the farms themselves. There’s an offer to suit every taste. The hosts on our family farms in Austria cater for carefree holidays, no matter if you’re travelling with your family or your partner.

Wegweiser am Zittrauerhof im Winter © Bernd Suppan

Your snowy break in Austria

Farm holidays in Austria - that means leaving your daily life behind. Here, you don’t have to worry about appointments and you don’t have any commitments. You can fully enjoy the last bits of snow. This is the perfect time to explore the surroundings off-piste, either with snowshoes, cross-country skis or simply on foot. Our host families have some great recommendations for you. There’s plenty of things to discover also on the farm itself. Pay the farm animals a visit, join in the daily feeding or simply sit on the bench in the farmyard and enjoy the sun. A lot of farms have designed lovely spa areas. A sauna or a hot tub is a perfect indulgence! In any case, a cosy bed and warm-hearted, kind hosts are included in your stay.

2 Kinder am Zittrauerhof mit Pony im Schnee © Bernd Suppan

Spa areas on the farm - havens of rest & relaxation

Spa areas on the farm are oases of peace and comfort that allow you to calm down and unwind. Feel how nature, relaxation and knowledge about herbs and their natural healing power form a symbiotic relationship. This knowledge has been passed down from one generation to the next. Apart from saunas, Infrared saunas and hot tubs under the stars, a lot of farms also offer herbal baths or Kneipp cures. A hay bath dissolves contractions, eases joint pain and enhances circulation in the body. It’s a panacea in these often busy and hectic modern times! Spa areas on the farm are wonderful places to soothe your muscles and unwind in peace and tranquillity after a tour with your snowshoes or cross-country skis. Try it yourself! 

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