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Healthy holidays in Austria

Detox, alkalize and cleanse your body. Do you seek a regenerative summer break that unites body, mind and soul? The past weeks and the associated restrictions have left their mark on our mental health. A farm holiday in Austria allows you to give your body and mind a treat and to fully unwind far away from the crowds, in a relaxing countryside retreat.

Health, locally grown food and sustainable cooking are top priorities on our farms offering healthy holidays in Austria. Recharge your batteries in the most picturesque spots set in stunning landscapes. Get some fresh air and take a deep breath during your healthy holiday in Austria. All this helps you regenerate body, mind and soul.

Indulge in a soothing hay bath, enjoy the heavenly scent of a herbal poultice or simply marvel at the beauty of nature and listen to the chirping crickets: put your relaxation above everything else. Bit by bit, your breath begins to soften and you start to feel the freedom during your well-deserved, invigorating summer retreat on the farm. Step into a world of comfort and tranquility. That’s all you need to do.

Ringelblumensalbe mit Ringelblumenblüten © Ralph Fischbacher
frische Kräuter und Blumen auf dem tisch © Ralph Fischbacher

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„ You will immediately fall in love with the relaxing effects and wonderful smells of your first hay bath. “
Bettina Schmidt
Bettina Schmidt

Good reasons for a healthy holiday on the farm - get the most out of your vitality break

Escape to pure freedom - enjoy healthy holidays on the farm

The spirit comes to life where the freedom begins. Restrictions on movement are yesterday’s story. Freedom is yours during your summer holiday on an Austrian farm! Take a stroll through the herb garden on one of our vitality farms, pick flowers on the pristine meadows surrounding the mountain cabins & chalets or relax in a deeply indulgent herbal bath: that’s on the agenda during healthy holiday in Austria, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Bauer und Sohn mit Holzkiste gehen zur Apfelernte © Pascal Baronit

Healthy holidays for all senses

A feeling of deep relaxation settles in when you feel safe and secure, in an authentic and natural environment. On our vitality and care farms in Austria, nothing is merely done for show. Unspoiled nature meets a sustainable lifestyle. A good holiday is more than just a gorgeous panorama and beautiful photographs. There’s hardly any place where sustainable living is a more integral part of life than on a farm. The air you breathe, the food you eat and the beds you sleep in - together, all this is part of a well-designed concept that ensures the wise use of the environment. You will find locally grown food and sustainable materials on every corner. 

Rast auf Holzliege im Grünen © Katja Stadler

Healthy holidays on the farm - building on values and traditions

Is there any better place than the countryside to come down to earth, find inner peace and fully unwind? Local customs, vibrant traditions, true values and heritage preservation are of great importance on Austria’s family farms. The farmers convey these values to their guests, to you. They live in harmony with nature, day and night. On the farm, the whole family pulls together. Every family member is in charge of certain tasks, harnessing each person’s individual strengths. This sense of togetherness is at the core of a sustainable, healthy holiday on the farm. 

Skulptur im Garten beim Kinderferienhof Ederbauer © Markus Lackinger

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Energise and revive with the power of herbs

Muscle tension, joint pain or intrusive thoughts cause distress. Nature and herbs can be powerful remedies. For centuries, essences and natural remedies such as herbal poultices, massages and baths have been used for healing the body. They also have a positive effect on mental well-being. 

The special thing about a healthy holiday on the farm: unlike anonymous, large spa centres or retreats, a farm holiday in Austria awaits you with face-to-face contacts and a friendly atmosphere that feels just like home. The families running the vitality, herb and care farms know a lot about the healing power of natural remedies and understand how they are used effectively. Their vast knowledge also comprises the benefits of invigorating fresh air and old-time home remedies. Sustainably grown herbs are used as ingredients for pastes and ointments. 

Spa facilities on the farms offer even more ways to find relaxation: Finnish saunas, Kneipp baths and invigorating walks through the herb garden on the farm or the forest nearby. 

Give your body, mind and soul a treat this summer and put your health above everything else! Simply arrive, relax and unwind. Especially now, it’s time for a farm holiday in Austria!

uab_bv-herzoghof-naturmedizin-kraeuter05 © Bernd Suppan
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