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Help out at the farm and in the stables

Who wants to come along to the stables? Are you up for it? Ok, grab a pitchfork. The farmer shows you how it’s done. It’s certainly easier than milking. That technique needs some practice. But the right squeezes are rewarded with a satisfied moo! Helping out is explicitly allowed during a farm-stay holiday. Mucking the stables, tossing the hay, feeding the animals … the work just never ends. But you will learn plenty of new things. Like every morning when you head out to the hens to fetch the eggs for breakfast!



2 Kinder fuettern kuehe © Mario Webhofer
Gast hilft dem Bauer bei der Heuarbeit 03 © Ralph Fischbacher

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griesbauer 18
„ I love just rolling my sleeves up and getting involved. Tossing the hay with the pitchfork, scything the fresh grass or just mucking out the stables. It’s a great feeling and honest labour as well! “
Andrea Sommerauer
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