Sustainable enjoyment: “Weingut Himmelbett” in the Weinviertel

Blog articles // 14. Nov 2017
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Travelling through the Lower Austrian Weinviertel [wine district] is a journey of true sensory pleasures, especially early in the year. And that’s not just in terms of the landscape, as we were able to establish during our visit to “in die Grean” last year, it also applies in terms of the families, hosts, and wineries (“Nomen est Omen” in the vineyard region of Austria spanning almost 15,000 hectares).

“Weingut Himmelbett” with the Bohrn family: Here in the Weinviertel, it is always a little “crazy”...

...otherwise, Herrnbaumgarten, one of the most north-easterly communities in Lower Austria, on the border to both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, would be a wine region like any other. Indeed, “up here” a good hour’s drive from the Austrian capital of Vienna, and far from the official magistrate rulings, typical procedural rules, and all kinds of regulations, things are a little different. “Crazy”, to put it more precisely. Fried eggs and pickled pears are served in a most amusing way. As guests, you can restore domestic bliss entirely without outside assistance. And there is a friendliness paired with a familial reception, which makes you want to extend your short break right away. The Bohrn family, all with smiles on their faces, have created a modern, yet down-to-earth oasis of comfort on the family’s winery, with their “Weingut Himmelbett Connoisseur Rooms”, which can stand up to any international competition. Have a look for yourselves.