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The Kohler family: Delicious dairy products

‘You absolutely must try the farm produce,’ one guest recommends in his review. Natural and fruit yoghurts, cottage cheese – including with herbs – and the popular “Frucht-Resi”, a curd cream with fruits, are all produced by Martin and Daniela Kohler in their opulent holiday farm estate in Au, Bregenz Forest. And all of this is made using the milk from their 15 Vorarlberger Braunvieh and Jersey cows.
In order to ensure the highest possible quality of milk, the Kohlers pay close attention to what their cows eat. Grass and hay are of highest importance, enriched in the summer with the finest Alpine herbs. This is because from the start of June to the start of September, the Kohlers’ cows graze on the Wittele Alps, near Schröcken. From there, Martin Kohler brings the fresh milk to the farm in Au ever day, where it is then processed. Guests are invited to come along on for the trip to the mountain and take a look around. Of course, guests of all ages are also welcome to mosey through the farm in Au. They are also free to sample the selection of specialities produced by the Kohlers whenever it takes their fancy.
There is a coin-operated self-service fridge filled with produce available to the guests. The delicacies are also available for purchase from local supermarkets, shops and village dairies.