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Blog articles // 10. Oct 2017
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Family-friendly, close to nature and recuperative

Alois Gaderer is a young, passionate farmer and holiday home provider in Upper Austria, who puts his heart and soul into the job. He is continuing a family tradition, like some 600 other farmers in Upper Austria: they open up their farms to guests, so that they can experience day-to-day farm life and rediscover the freedom of the countryside. Children in particular, both small and large, enjoy this. We visited Alois at his Ederbauer organic farm on the Irrsee, watched him at work and asked him a few questions.
Bauer mit Kinder ©  Oberösterreich Tourismus_Robert Maybach

The farm provides the perfect first impression: the secluded location on a hill gives you a panoramic view of the mountain peaks, the reed-lined banks of the Irrsee and the verdant pastures. Freedom (almost) without limits or fences. The farm estate consists of several buildings, which are all adorned with flowers and very inviting. We encounter cats, dogs and rabbits running around, horses are grazing in the paddock and children are playing in front of the house. And our host Alois gives us a warm and friendly welcome.

Why do the guests come to visit you at the farm?

Here at the farm, guests seek and find some balance to the hectic world of work, as well as peace and freedom. They are delighted by the natural setting, the lake and the many different animals here on the farm.
This is a place where children can simply be children. And the parents can let the children roam free, safe in the knowledge that not much can happen.
Every day, between working in the barn and the fields, I take some time to explain something to the guests or just to listen to them. Some of them say they appreciate this time especially.
Bauer mit Kind im Bauerngarten ©  Oberösterreich Tourismus_Robert Maybach

Having the guests’ children on the farm also means a lot of responsibility, right?

Of course. When the guests’ children are out and about with me, then I take care of them like I take care of my own two sons.
I just love the way the children are open to new things. For instance, when I give them some plants or herbs to try, then they always taste everything. They’re highly interested and usually ask lots of questions.
The children love the stress-free life on the farm. They jump around in the hay, fetch the eggs for breakfast from the chicken coop or ride along on the old tractor with me.
Kinder im Heu ©  Oberösterreich Tourismus_Robert Maybach

Do you enjoy being both a farmer and a host?

For me, farming is a lovely and fulfilling career. I value the diversity and the independence of the work, and I like being surrounded by families, and I love working in and with nature.
I’m always delighted when the guests feel at home at the Ederbauer holiday farm estate, and we as the hosts can contribute to a successful and unforgettable holiday. The best is when the guests are so impressed by the holiday that they come back.
Yes, I love being a farmer and I couldn’t imagine having any other job.
Kinder und Kühe ©  Oberösterreich Tourismus_Robert Maybach

What products do you have at the farm?

At our organic farm, we have meat and milk, which we also sell. For our own consumption, we also have vegetables, herbs, fruit and berries.

What’s your personal favourite spot on the farm?

That would be our private swimming beach with access to the lake and a rowing boat. I love sitting on our jetty on the Irrsee with my wife, Lenora. We take a blanket and a picnic basket with us and spend a lovely few hours there at a time. 
I also love taking my boys to the football pitch.

4 tips from Alois, the organic farmer

  1. Any tips for a day trip in the area?
    A boat trip on the Mondsee, it may not sound very spectacular, but it’s always
    a great thing to do.
  2. Where can you go to eat?
    To Drachenwandwirt or Eichingerbauer – both of them are in St Lorenz.
  3. What things to do or see in the Salzkammergut are an absolute must?
    Explore the Schafberg, either by foot or by railway.
  4. Where’s good place for a nice wander?
    Thursday evenings in Mondsee, for the Moonlight Shopping and live music.