Living at the vineyard

Blog articles // 13. Nov 2017
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Holiday in a Kellerstöckl in South Burgenland

Do you know what a Kellerstöckl is? In Austrian South Burgenland, that’s what you call the wine cellar at a winery. In the past, these Kellerstöckl stood right in the vineyard, and served as a space for processing and storing the wine and grapes. Nowadays, many empty Kellerstöckl have been converted into beautiful, individual holiday homes with enough space for the whole family. This means you can have a pleasant holiday at the midst of the mountainside vineyards, with a fantastic panoramic view.

Here, on walks and bike rides, you’ll often meet friendly locals who invite you to sit a while. Then, you drink a glass of wine – we recommend the typical “Uhudler” – natter about the meaning of life, and then go your separate ways. Simply wonderful. Holiday in a Kellerstöckl in South Burgenland.