Indulgence and wellness in the Vienna Woods

Blog articles // 14. Nov 2017
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It doesn’t even take me ten minutes from leaving the busy motorway to lose myself in the tranquillity of the gently undulating hillsides of the Vienna Woods. Those who wish to visit Vienna but also spend some time relaxing in a natural setting would do well to visit the Gnant family’s farm estate in the town of Maria Anzbach. As would those who wish to be won over by the taste of the extremely tasty, regional farmhouse produce. The same goes for anybody who craving a restorative massage, as the wonderful hostess, Heidelinde Gnant offers ‘everything under one roof’, so to speak. With great pride, she shows me their own on-site massage studio, adding modestly: ‘I do it because I enjoy it and I want my guests to feel comfortable here. I’ve also set up another space for seminars or yoga. Come on, Elena, I’ll show you around.’

However, the theme of healthy living doesn’t stop there, at the family-run business. All of the rooms and holiday apartments offered to the guests are designed according to radiesthetic principles; ideally, I would love to expand my visit to enjoy the restorative effects of a good nap here right away! The rooms shown here at the Gnant family’s estate are truly delightful, designed with great care, and perfect for whiling away the hours.

But what would a farm be without animals? Excitedly, I watch as Martin calls his fallow deer. They come running...

...and ask themselves, probably like every other creature here is doing, what is there to discover (or eat, or play with)? It’s wonderful to lose yourself in the animal world, watching the majestic the way, have you ever held a duckling in your hands? You haven’t!? Then it’s about time. That too can be done here, not even half an hour away from the Austrian capital, Vienna. Have a look for yourselves.