Gin at the vineyard

Blog articles // 30. Nov 2017
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The Stoff family’s vineyard is a small, family-run winery in the Sausal vineyard region.

The Buchsenschank tavern has everything a visitor’s heart could desire. The Stoff family were awarded the “Genusskrone Österreich 2016/17” for their home-made Kareespeck ham. This is a special accolade for direct marketing and gourmet regions of Austria.
There are two generations of Stoffs working at the winery: Rupert and Irmgard Stoff made the business into what it is today. Excellent wines, wonderful fine spirits (that you can also watch being distilled), comfortable rooms and a family-run tavern are what set this establishment apart. The next generation is heavily involved, too. Gernot and Sandra have contributed their own ideas, launching their first own product onto the market in early 2016; the oriGINale. Unsurprisingly, it’s a type of gin. ‘It’s the first Sausaler Distilled Dry Gin’, emphasises Gernot Stoff.
The gin withstood its baptism of fire in January. Back then, a few guests were invited to sample the beverage. It was so well received that Gernot and Sandra had no choice but to continue making the product. It has been available for purchase since March 2016, but only from the winery. Before that, the Stoffs were still scratching their heads for a name for the drink. An innovative product like this needs a catchy name. In the end, their brainstorming resulted in “oriGINale”. The name says it all.
The so-called botanicals make the gin special. They are the various spices added during the second distillation process, which is when the gin is actually made. Apart from the juniper berries (for those who don’t already know, gin is an alcoholic drink flavoured with juniper), the spices are a well-guarded secret. That’s why every gin tastes different, as each distiller has their own secret mix of ingredients. As do the Stoffs, of course. But they did give away this much: their gin is made after the condensation process. That’s the oldest way of doing things, by the way. The finely mixed (secret!) spices are placed on a screen in the still. The alcohol is heated, and the vapour created rises through the spices and absorbs their flavour. The end result is a gin that has been distilled 9 times.
The fine spirits are also produced in a similarly careful way. They only distil very small volumes to retain the wonderful aromas of the fruits in all their glory. Guests can experience the process for themselves by watching it at the distillery. Their taste buds will love the results.

Even though there are two generations working at the winery, there are actually three generations living together harmoniously at the establishment. The youngest family members are still learning the ropes and will be able to contribute their own ideas later in life.

Winzerhof Stoff