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Authentic Montafon: From nature to the table

Anyone looking to take a piece of Montafon back home are advised to buy a “Montafoner Genusskistle” from the Käsehaus Montafon in Schruns, the “Genussboutique marenda” in Schruns, or directly at the farm. You can pick and mix contents to your heart’s desire. There is bacon, sausages, herbal teas, honey, pasta, jams, schnapps and “Sura Kees” to choose from.
You can also get products made from the wool of the Montafoner Steinschaf, an endangered breed of sheep that farmers are very concerned to preserve. And, of course, you can get cheese, ideally made with milk from authentic Montafoner Braunvieh cows, from Bergkäse to “Sura Kees”. The tangy, low-fat cheese is a typical speciality of Montafon that is only produced here in the valley, on 13 mountains in the Alps.
“Sura Kees” owes its popularity to the bewusstmontafon association that is dedicated to supporting collaboration between agriculture, retail and gastronomy. The members include around 40 agricultural businesses, including the “Urlaub am Bauernhof” hosts in Montafon. There are events to celebrate new batches of the local cheeses, including the “Montafoner Sura Kees Anschnitt” in July in St. Gallenkirch, as well as the “Montafoner Sura Kees Prämierung” on the first weekend of October in Schruns, where visitor can sample the wares. During the Bergkulinarium-Wochen food festival at the end of September/beginning of October, numerous guest houses and hotel restaurants treat visitors to delicious seasonal and regional cuisine.