A nature holiday with a view of the Ötscher mountain: At home with the Schenner family at the Bodenhof

Blog articles // 14. Nov 2017
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The view of the mighty Ötscher mountain is the first thing that enchants me when I arrive at the Bodenhof. But before I’m able to greet the Schenner family, I can hardly tear my eyes away from the almost 2,000-metre mountain. The Bodenhof farm estate is located within the Gemeinde Wienerbruck nature reserve, at the entrance to the famous Ötschergräben, and is therefore the perfect starting point for exploring them. However, you can take some shorter, but equally lovely strolls around the farm estate itself. For instance, you can try the barefoot path, down past the Haflinger horses grazing peacefully, accompanied by Sabine Schenner and her beautiful Retriever. ‘Gosh, it’s so lovely here’, I gush not even an hour later than the first time I did so, stood in the shade of the afternoon sun, with the dewy grass beneath my feet and a smile on my face, which Sabine flashes back instantly.

‘Children laughing, revelling in the sun, feeling the raindrops, running barefoot through the grass, lazing about...freedom at our farm estate at the heart of the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature reserve.’

These are the lines that the Schenner wrote about their Bodenhof farm estate. And yes, they are true to their word. In fact, you can experience this sensation after only a few hours. Could it also be due to the many rabbits and guinea pigs, who Sabine says the children and she herself can ‘watch for hours on end’? The green landscape round about compels me outdoors, in the garden, with the horses, in the barn, or anywhere that’s not inside. “Jochis Höfe Abenteuer” [Jochi’s farm adventure] is another great option for visiting eleven local farm estates that can be viewed in all their glory on little tours. The guests keep coming back: Be it overnight guests or day visitors like me, we are always allowed to visit the rabbit pen, stroke the cats and dogs and have a sit down on the terrace behind the house. By the way, the rabbits are being fed right now...should we take a look?