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It smells of saddle grease and stables. Holly the pony cranes her neck inquisitively, pricking her downy ears. Two dark brown eyes and a soft neighing say a welcoming “hello”. You’ll find your favourite horse and the one you love to ride here on our horse farms. Or you can just bring your own – the qualified farmers have all the equipment you need. Here you can enjoy beautiful riding paths and trips on horse-drawn sleighs through picturesque landscapes. Lessons and therapeutic riding are also available.


Reiten beim Aicherbauer in Salzburg
griesbauer 18
„ On horseback, I feel free and at one with nature. My kids are already big horse fans and enthusiastic stable hands as well. “
Verena Struber
Verena Struber

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Katalogtitelbild Urlaub am Reiterbauernhof 18-19
Andrea Sommerauer
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