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Your holiday experience: a little adventure with big sensations!

Arriving at the farmyard, you hop out the car. Clean and fresh, the country air wafts toward you, rich with the scent of herbs and animals. It’s peaceful here and enchantingly tranquil: nature beckons! Freshly baked apricot cake and homemade apple juice are already laid out in the garden. You’re welcomed like family by the farming folk. Now’s the time to settle in and bask in the heavenly peace. Beneath the table lies Fred the cat, sprawling and yawing in the shade, a picture of contentment. So let it begin, the most delightful time of the year, your holiday in the bosom of nature.

Reiten beim Aicherbauer in Salzburg
nett dekorierter Eingangsbereich © UaB Steiermark
„ Immerse yourselves in the lives and work of our farming folk. Join them at their farms to enjoy an authentic, relaxing holiday. “
Hans Embacher
Hans Embacher

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