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We are the specialists 
for farm holidays in Austria.

We are the specialists for farm holidays in Austria, and we see ourselves as ambassadors of the farming world.

A voluntary coalition of 2800 member farms, we have been organized since 1991 into 8 autonomous provincial associations and one Austria-wide umbrella organization. Vital to Farm Holidays are our 30 employees, as well as our many dedicated volunteers. We also cooperate closely with strong partners in the tourism and agriculture sectors.

Our foremost task is to offer our guests a first overview of the most beautiful, quality-certified Austrian farms, giving them the certainty that they will be able to choose the farm that is perfect for them.

It is equally important that we help our farmers to market their opportunities and services better. In so doing, we make a major contribution to improvement of the economy, income and employment in the rural regions of Austria.

In this way, we “do our bit” to preserve, both now and for years to come, all that the farming world entails: Austrian agriculture, farmhouses, a rich cultural legacy, regional customs and traditions, craftsmanship, cooking and so much more.

Farmholidays in Styria

Hamerlinggasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria

Phone +43/316/8050-1291

Fax      +43/316/8050-1504



Hans Schwaiger - Chairman of the Styrian Provincial Association






Mag. Astrid Schoberer-Nemeth - Executive Director, Marketing, Budget, Public Relation, press contact


Phone +43/316/8050-1414

Fax: +43/316/8050-1504




Gerlinde Haidbauer - Trade Show Coordinator, Categorisation, Brochures, Theme Focus: Alpine huts


Phone +43/316/8050-1291

Fax: +43/316/8050-1504


Mag. Margit Terpotitz - Internet, Sunnseitn Magazine, E-Marketing


Phone +43/316/8050-1291

Fax: +43/316/8050-1504